Monday, July 11, 2005

Mostly quiet Sunday

if you ignore the fact that there were 4 boys here all trying to innteract with eachother. We did make it to church and Mike said closing prayer in sacerment meeting. And Galen gave a talk in primary, and Mommy pushed the cannery date in Augest. And I didn't sit through any meeting: I had to feed the baby during sacerment, help Galen during Sunday school, and again feed the baby during Relief Society, and remove Galen from primary because a little vistor boy was picking on him, Galen went back in a few minutes later. However, during sacerment meeting all three of the other boys went with me, making it easy for Mike to get up and pray.

This morning Mike took Galen to school on his way to school and Ewan crawled into bed with me and Clayton. Right now our pumpkin is in his billi-light and has the hickups. Ian and Ewan are eating waffles with strawberries and I am blogging instead of doing useful work.

I need to make a menu, and do shipping ang haul Clayton back to the Doc for another billirubion level test. Hopefully it will be good enough to send the machine back.

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