Thursday, January 13, 2005

Baby It's Cold Out Side

Is what I keep telling them, but they have to freeze thier little hands off before they believe me, and at 9 below, that does not take long. But at least we know my cat will stay inside tonight.

How many kids does it take to water the dog?

3. One two year old to take the assignment, but to not understand what it is he's supposed to do with the picture of water, one 4 year old to crawl under the table and pour the water into the bowl, and one five year old complaining that he didn't get a chance to earn the chocolate chip.

If tired, ornery, cold and desperatly needing a good chocolate fix is not a good enough excuse to put three tired kidlets to bed, I don't know what is.

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Round Belly said...

opps, I forgot one.
Baby in Momma's belly that makes her not want to crawl under the table. So that makes 4 children to water the dog.