Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Milk Break

After nearly 11 months milk free, I broke down last week and bought 1/2 gal organic milk. Last night I bought another gallon. It tastes so good with cookies, grahm crackers and other baked goods. Ewan and Ian like it too, but Galen never wants milk (and because I know dairy helps him to "space out", I never offer or push it on him).

in 2 weeks, I will have offically been pregnant for 12 months. That means that when the baby comes it will be a total of 17 months. Well, at least I'm not an elephant, They have a 23 month gestation.

Mom came last night. Mike and her loaded the dryer into the car, then we got fuddruckers hambergers for everyone. We went to the Temple and did sealings on our lines, Then she took me grocery shopping. She wouldn't let me get jsut 1/2 gal milk. She made me get 2 (1/2 gals).

of course, it was only as she was crawling into bed that we could discuss Round Belly stuff. I just think she unconciously tries to avoid anything that seams like business work or planning. But we did plan the basic layout for the OTA show, and discussed whom to bring to the show to help represent our lines.

So, as always I have my work cut out for me. :) But if leaders had office hours, they might as well be republicans.

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