Thursday, January 27, 2005

Is it

Is it biologically impossible to get a man with wisdom and sex drive?
And what do you do when they are switching between the two (you hope) and have neither?


Anonymous said...

Thinking about your comment, I can understand lesbianism. Or even polyamory. No one man can provide everything to fully satisfy a single woman, and the reverse is true as well. If we desire a monogamous relationship, concessions become our closet ally.

Anonymous said...

If you have to choose between the two. . . pick the sex drive.

Anonymous said...

After reading a very moving article on women suffering from abandonment, of both family and society, because they developed a fistula after an unsuccessful obstructed delivery, in which the baby always dies, I'd choose wisdom in my mate. I have a friend who's husband is no longer able to have an erection due to cancer and is completely unable to perform in that capacity, which was very disheartening for him. But his wife loves him regardless his sexual abilities and has stayed by his side through thick and thin. But would a man do the same should his female partner become unable to have intercourse? I suspect not because the male sex drive is not driven by logic or loyalty. So, I choose wisdom, because long after the body begins to age and the seasons of life turn to winter, the companionship of a thoughful mate will help to ease the passage of time.