Saturday, January 22, 2005

Physic ian?

How many 6 year olds do you know that get excited over Nova? The PBS show that he saw that spent the whole hour talking about string theroy in physics?

And when Galen gets excited over something he learns to write the name of that thing everywhere. That is why he learned to write StarWars as a 4 year old, and also why we have "SpioroMan" written on our TV stand.

And so since Mike is taking physics this quarter, we thought that we should get Galen to study with him (or actually to get Mike to teach Galen the basics of what he's learning).

We can see that Galen could eaisly become a science nut and work his way into his Grandfather's foot steps as a resident mad scientist.

However, I may no longer be thrilled if he tries to take apart my toaster.

Question of the day? How come they call someone who studies the human body a physician and someone who studies physics a scentist? Wouldn't make more science if the scientists was a physician and the physician was a anatoman?

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