Sunday, January 02, 2005

New Year's Resolultions?

1. Due to lack of organization, I think I'll follow Through (sp) Simplify, simplify, simplfiy.

Of, course I'm not sure if I'm very resolute about this. Because if I was resolute about it I'd probably be completely decluttered, unless not decluttering is a form of simplifcation in it's self.

I plan to simplify all of the household chores... Dishes...laundry...bathrooms...personal care

of course it might just be simplier not to chnage anything at all. (got to love great philosphy)

1 comment:

Soleil said...

"Simplify" is one of my resolutions, too...and I am quite grateful to you for pointing out that the simplest thing to do is...NOTHING. :) I love a resolution that I can succeed at!