Thursday, January 20, 2005

Now that I have somewhat

satified the hungery little monster inside me I can concider telling you all what has been up in my life since the internet has been down.

1. Heard my baby's heartbeat again. 140 bpm and she was a squiggily thing and didn't want to stay still for long.

2. Got my ultrasound schedueled for Feb 16th- does anybody want to baby sit so I can bring my other half?

3. Oh yes, and I have gained 1 lb. I lost 2 at the last visit so I'm still net -1 at 18 weeks. I'm not worried though, this baby likes to suck all the blood sugar out of my system and then cry for more.

4. Ian has been cute. He put on his hat on crookedly this morning, and looked for applause. I told him he was cute. Then he put his hat on me and then pointed to me and said "You're cute."

Galen hasn't had school on Monday nor today, So I am very tired of child made noise right now. Does anybody want to take a Galen for a bit so my ears don't burst?

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