Saturday, January 22, 2005

Snow What?

about 6", or knee high on Ian.

Who just loves to be out in it, that is until he fell in a way that allowed the cold snow to get in to his gloves. (about 2+ hours outside) while Mommy and Daddy shoveled enough of the driveway to hopefully get our minivan out. (And sometimes I wish I still had my gas guzzling beast with 4 wheel drive, but only for getting out of the driveway when we're too lazy to shovel).

The other boys, wimped out after about 1/2 hour. But Galen didn't have boots (couldn't find a set) and even though Ewan finally found his other boot he refused the wear the only pair of gloves we could find in his size. Then I emphsized to the kids that this is why you put your coat, hat and mitts, and boots away as soon as you walk into the house. I don't think the lesson sunk in, as all of thier stuff is still scattered about the office. But at least it got them away from the TV and doing a little physical motion that didn't involve driving Mommy crazy.

Then our front door decided to stick stuck while we were out side. We had to push the gate open and walk through the back door to get inside to work hard to open the front door. One of the door edgeings must have gotten some ice under it and expanded so the door didn't want to move. And I am glad we got the door working again, because the idea of shoveling a path to the back door for main use seemed like too much, that and the kitchen is too small to be stepping on the kiddos boots and coats all day.

Well, my kids are happily watching Sponge Bob, and if Sponge Bob teaches tollerence, all the better for the world. Even if you agree with that Christian Rights group the Homosexuality is sin, should we be intollerant of the sinner? Not if you are a Christian who actually does what Christ teaches. We should still respect and love the persons. Just because thier sin has a name, are they any worse then us with sins of our own, and yes intollerence and hatered is a sin.

Meanwhile, I have learned that whenever I harshly judge and indivual, then somehow I have an oppertunity to walk in thier shoes for a while. And let me say, the experience always humbles me, adn I see I am no better than they, if that good.

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