Tuesday, January 11, 2005

My computer . . .

Is as flaky as a pregnant women. And my brain has sucessfully all oozed out my nose.

My husband was supposed to make it to school today but is in bed sick (when he's in bed, he must really feel sick).

And my toddler has given up using the spoon in favor of his hands in the chocolate pudding. And he hates it when the dog licks his bare toes at the dinner table.

And some more good news: Our water usage dropped by 20,000 gallons for the past 3 months (in comparision to the same time last year). I think that must be because we turned off the broken toliet. And if anybody is interested we wouldn't mind a gift certificate to home depot to buy a wonderful replacment toliet :)

Meanwhile, I always know when my Mom is comming down. I get heartburn. Of course that is kinda unfair to say when I'm pregnant- because with Ian I got heartburn just by eating 1/2 a banana.

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