Thursday, January 06, 2005

sorry for not writting yesterday

I got swamped with work, kids, and other things mothers have to do.

I think I have been feeling my baby move, which excites me. But at this stage of the game it is hard to tell what is baby and what is digestion. The movements will get more propounced and obvious as the child grows. And judging by what I ate yesterday the child is growing bones and thinking about putting on a little fat.

Also I feel like Jennifer Aniston in "Bruce Almighty" my breasts once again are huge (and in some spots so tender, I have to cover them when I shower). This too is very normal, adn not being able to get through the grocery store without wishing there were benches to sit down seems to be comming a little earlier then I remembered with Ian. But that reminds me I have to write Target a letter and suggest a seat for those people who are excessivly pregnant, light headed or just anemic (don't worry, I'm not anything but pregnant!), And I will explain how wonderful it would be so we don't have to worry about fainting dead in the checkout lane and hold thier sales up.

the organic store was nicer, becasue it was smaller and had a nice little seating area with chairs. But maby I will sugest that they put one near thier deli.

And speaking of cute kid stories, i do n't have one today- but I have a pregnant story. Mike asked for a glass of juice last night, so I went to get him one and poured his glass full of juice, but when I reached in the cupboard for another glass, my big 2cup glass measureing cup dropped on top of the glass of juice and smashed it , juice went everywhere. But at least my measuring cup wasn't harmed (I use it every day!) Mike came rushing to see what the clatter was. and I told him "I'll have to get you another GLASS of juice."

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