Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Business, Business, Business

Always growing, stretching and trying something new- to stay where you are is intimate death.

Working, exploring, breaking old rules. Fabrics is a women's world, since the dawn of time it was our job to clothes the family, now we take the responsibility to clothes the world, not only in organic fibers, but in modesty, self worth and eternal sustainability.

Yes, we will work from our home, and we will bring our children to work, and they will work with us, and they will learn from us, and not the TV or an underpaid daycare employee.

We will be the future. We have the future in our hands, and hiding under our skirts. We have them in our hearts and minds. We will raise them and show them how to be. We are women, we are empowered to change the world, One dried tear at a time, one organic T- shirt at a time.

We will not shirk our duties. We will stand for what our hearts tell us to be true, and publicaly declair it to the world through our words and examples.

And people will support and buy from us, because then they are creating a world in which they want thier children to live.

-from "An Affirmation of Femininty in Today's Marketplace"

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