Thursday, January 27, 2005

My problem is I got a man who has a passion for anything dealing with computer animation, true, I did help him discover this passion and am very happy he has a passion he can make work for him. But I still have to question the wisdom of a man who plays his computer game all day then has to stay up all night to do this 3-d modeling homework.

You see, when we were married his only passion was me. Now he is over thirty and his brain can occasionally think about something besides sex, so at least a passion for his career is not all bad. But I am still trying to get over the fact that he's not desperate for my attentions all the time. :)

That and the fact that he doesn't find an ornery women attractive. I think he believes that if I bark at the children, then I'd be likely to bark at him too.

Oh well, he is easiest to love when he's at school, at least then I'm in complete controll of the house and then I see him as I want to see him, and not as someone addicted to his computer, who takes 5 minutes to come when dinner time is called.

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