Friday, January 28, 2005

The Life With In

At 19 weeks the life with in has finally gotten a nickname of her own: Squiggely. She squiggles after meals, and at bed time, tv time and nap time. She also enjoyed squiggling during class yesterday- that reminds me mom, call me about class interesting spirtitual gifts breakthrough. She even moved strong enough that Mike could feel it last night.

I have had to increase my calorie consumption. I have added a touch of sugar. Mostly because sugar makes her squiggle, and I like that. But also because I just plaininly need more carolries to grow this kid. Being that weight gain hasn't happened yet, I figure an ocassional mug of hot cocoa will not hurt, and it has calcium.

Next topic: one of life's little ironies.

Today is PJ day at aGalen's school. So last night he fell asleep in his clothes and we still had to get him dressed (in his pj) this morning to go to school :)

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Anonymous said...

It took Ryan six months to come up with a nickname for Avery, post-birth. Her new name is baby cakes. And for Ethan, he is bitty boy. I know your baby likes the nickname squiggely. Glad you're doing so well and I can't wait to meet this new little one!