Friday, January 14, 2005

Things I have Learned Today

1. The colder it is outside, the more hyper the children are inside.

2. Even the cat is willing to come indoors to the waiting hords of children when it is this cold.

3. Just because a child labels an eggshape with a single eye he has drawn as "mom" doesn't mean you nessicarly look that way. (although you might)

4. And the newest computer virus is named after me. Everypeice of technology I tried to touch today refused to work. My computer refused to acknowledge the internet today so Mike let me borrow his. Within 2 minutes his froze up, so I restarted it where it then said it required a boot disk to start. I wisely left his office and computer for him to figure out. And don't get me started on my phone (the 5 and 6 buttons don't like to dial) So I was suprised when the microwaved still worked at all. And so I wisley let Dominos take care of dinner so I didn't burn down the house with the newest items Ian stuck in the oven.

5. I got baby bones in my belly button.

6. When you realise and then acknowledge that you are afraid of the shawdows in the dark, then they no longer have the power to become big ugly monsters.

Well, 6 lessons in one day is enough (actually I learned the last one last night). But It is Friday and I am going to put the kids to bed and veg under a nice warm blanket.

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