Thursday, January 06, 2005

How come when you work your butt off all week, and your husband has been playing video games that he still expects you to cook dinner and put the kids to bed before going to class?


Soleil said...

Hehe...guess what I've been doing all day. And guess what my husband is doing right now. And then guess which of us made dinner*.

Actually, he's usually pretty good. And if he is being particularly bad, I'll make myself something quick and he gets to fend for himself. I would not win any Wife-Of-The-Year awards!

*if by dinner, you will count slapping together sandwiches and opening a bag of chips! :)

Round Belly said...

unfortently it is finding the materials to slap together a sandwich for 3 hungery kids that is often the hold up. Bread lasts for 24 hours before it's all gone and pb doesn't last much longer. And lunch meat at $7/lb just isn't doable most days. So we subside on things like pasta (whole grain, of course) and oragnes (organic, of course).

Anonymous said...

I know he knows how to make a couple of things. Just say hey Id love your taco casserole or something like that or bean dip. It could count as a meal.