Sunday, January 02, 2005

Most of you

wouldn't dare write a comment to the last post, but I am sure you were all glad not to be here when you read it.

Well these hormonal mood swings remind me of when I was about 14. Of course, this is the time when the sexual developmentof the babe is becoming obvious, so I'm blaming it all on her.

All I know is that yesterday I was so busy I didn't even get a nap- so today- in just a few minutes I will take one, or maby even two naps.

yesterday was Galen's B-day and Jan 1st. Now, I consider it important to cook at least one feast per year (because I like what I cook and I love the leftovers) adn January 1st was the chosen day for my feast (it gives me the rest of the year off!) SO we had ham, pineapple stuffing, mashed potates, gingered carrots and brown sugar whole wheat rolls, adn of course a spider man cake that I spent a lot of time and energy on. It was fun to use a few of my cake decorating skills again. I did boarders and string work in the spiderwebs and stacked layers in the building construction. We got pictures. I was so glad I could lock the kitchen to do the cake, as soon as I let the kidlets in, the licked the frosting bowls clean.

Then, of course we had the kids open present, clean the kitchen (well sorta) and then gave them just a few minutes before declaring that it was time to get ready for bed. I look forward to putting the kiddlets to bed early tonight and the rest of the week as well too. Then I have a few minutes of quiet to think, read, clean and play with cat who will finally show his face when he hears the house go silent.

Anyways- only one more thought before I let the dog in, adn out both Ian and myself down for a nap. What about baby sitters for Saturday night?

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