Saturday, February 19, 2005

Another day in our house . . .

We had the kids tucked in bed by 6:30 this evening. They were so fussy because they stayed up late last night That I didn't even realize how early we put them down. Then Ewan woke up crying of monsters and coughing. so now he is playing with Galen. But at least they are in thier bedroom, adn know that if we have to see or deal with them again that they will be seperated with lights out.

Meanwhile we had a busy day of people visiting our house. We had our ho use cleaner- God bless her sole. She is never itimidated by what my kids have doen in the past week and just gets to work without complaint. Today she had to sweep out the catfood from Ewan's room. (luckily we only buy dry cat food). Then I had an old lady over wanting to buy some of my organic fabric. Luckily I got warning this time and had it all ready for her.

Then one of my sewers came. And I recieved finshed goods, paid for them and handed her a whole course worth of marketing books.

By the time people stopped comming and going it was time to start dinner already. So I was running tired having missed most of my nap today and when the sun goes down just start assuming it is bed time for anyone who needs my attentions.

I am now up to a half hour of prenatal yoga a night. And I try to do at least 15 minutes worth even on days when I have been running all day.

What other things can my scattered brain think of right now? Why isn't there anything decent on TV on a saturday evening? And how come it just happenes to be the one day this week we don't have any movie rentals hanging around the house? maby I'll dratg Mike upstairs to watch something anyways.

And by the way . . . buy organic. We now have awsomely professional sheets for sale at

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