Friday, February 11, 2005

Happy Blog!

In a few minutes that I have to sit here, I am going to spend the time to thank everyone who as part of my life yesterday.

First of all Mom. Thank You Mom, you did an amazing job spoiling the kids in the 3 hours you watched them. Last night they all brushed thier teeth with no complaints. And Mike and I really enjoyed our time and activities together and are looking forward to going back and getting the rest of the sons sealed to thier famlies :) Then We'll be after your names!

Thank You Joanne. I always love your class as a spiritual up lift and spiriutal food for thought. I also need to give you a great big thank you for watching my kids last Saturday. I am so glad you had fun together. How do you make a big batch of waffles?

Thank you Amber, you thoughtful gifts and cards help to brigten the day.

Thank you Amy, for expressing for us some of our feeling on Cat and Trish. And how helpless we feel, because we can not get her to see what she is doing or even to show up.

Thank you kiddlets for handeling the changes in routine and going to bed with out complaint. Thank you Mikie, for being with me. I love having you there and present (in mind).

Thank you God for allowing a wonderful day to happen in the midsts of a busy life.

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