Sunday, February 20, 2005

Sunday Night

and all the kids are in bed. It feels like I should go to bed too.

Well, we have the colds for the season taking up residence with us. Ewan was too sick to go to church today, adn Galen, Ian and I all had the cough too. It isn't overally pleasent, but not a wipeout either. Even so I am sure we can weather these colds without much problem. Sleep and good food are what's needed.

So I think I'l get to the sleep part and pray the good food will take care of it'sself. (actually we had some great chicken noodle soup for dinner, and whole wheat biscuits. Of course Ewan didn't feel like eating anything. Tomarrow Mike will be going to the store to pick up some more organic oranges to act as a strong and healthy vitamin C source, and

I hate having the hicups when I'm pregnant, it feels like everything is going to come up with every hicup.

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