Friday, February 18, 2005

Hi Y'all

Today I been getting more used to the idea of my baby being a boy. We had just assumed that it was a girl because of things we had learned earlier. But the baby boy is bouncy and happy. I think he's probaby also happy for finally being acknowledged for being a boy, and loved anyways.

We have a cute ultrasound picture of his perfect feet. Baby feet are always so lovely. They start to loose thier lovelyness somewhere in toddlerhood.

Galen is still off the walls today. Today he left red footprints all over the bathroom wall. It was a good thing I knew it was a mushed crayon or chalk before I walked in there, or it could have looked like something out of a horror film. So there goes another new crayon. Crayons never seem to have a chance to get old around here.

And Amy I understand your excerise in fustration I felt that same way this afternoon when I was trying to order electricity for our booth at the show. They forgot to put the link on line, so i called one of the services companies and they were able to give me a phone number for the people that do the electric. So I called the number- automatted response that told me to go to the website. So I went to the website, only the website was a search engine! So this went back and forth for a while, never talking to a real person and never getting the electricity ordered. i might have to wait until we are at the show to order the electricty- but what will the people do who have to store icecream?

On wensday I was so proud at having had a mostly clean house all week. Today I am so glad my house cleaner comes tomarrow. I really need her help now.

Anyways, that is what I know. Have a good one- and eat a brownie for me :)

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