Thursday, February 17, 2005


I have now identified a few cravings. . .
Olives- must be for the fat
pickles- first time I've craved pickles in a pregnancy (but second time in this one)
Cheerios- weird huh, I think it must be for the iron, and after having 2 bowls with rasions last night- my kids have been eating bowls and bowls of them for breafast and lunch today.
A strawberry, chocolate brownie blizzard but Dairy Queen doesn't open for another week!

Let's see I have now gained 8 pounds. 1 of which is baby himself. Estimated at 1 pound already when most kids his age are only about 12-13 ounces. But I always grow them bigger then average. He also has a bi gger stomach than normal (about 1 week ahead of the rest of him) but I just figure he takes after Ian!

Let's see what else did I forget to tell you yesterday? That the placenta is on top like and umbrella and the child is bungy jumping from it. Maby we need to rethink the ceieling fans.

After my gastric system reacting to the 2 meals of pizza in a row yesterday . . . I am almost feeling better, but very hungery only I don't know what I can eat without feeling sick.

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