Thursday, February 24, 2005

he loves me!

he brought me home some OJ- not from concentrate. Of course it took him 2 hours to leave to get dinner. So I gave up and made my kiddeos vegatarian Bow Wow. Galen had 4 bowls.

Meanwhile to day was a day I'm glad I won't have to repeat. Not feeling well, nothing to eat and and not feeling well all played into that.

Also Ian enjoyed getting into my cupboard today. He poured the whole thing of vanilla into the can of dried onions. What do you do with vanilla flavored dry onions?

Then, even after I locked the kitchen he managed to reach my spice cupboard and rip up all the bags of my herbal tea.

But the cutest thing he did today . . . when my cell phone rang Ian answered my desk phone and said "Round Belly Clothing." That completely charmed Mike- and he had to wake me up from a nap to tell me about it. Other than that I joined the world of those who were to sick to go in today and skipped class.

Time for bed. Good night y'all

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