Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Well, it looks like . .

We have a very heathly, very beautiful, very active little boy. Of course, the final say is never given until the newborn cries.

The placenta is on top of the uterus and the boy is bungy jumping. Currently his head is up, but he moves alot and the position the kid is in at 22 weeks will still change about 5000 times each day. And that's why we call him squiggly.

I was suprised at how through the ultrasound was and how many different developmental problems they specifically look for, but of course everything is perfect on this kid. So squiggly he will remain until he is given his formal name at birth. Mike and do have one.

In other words: we only have to paint 2 bedrooms this summer instead of three. If we can talk Galen and Ewan into sharing a room then squiggly and Ian can share the nursery. And the nursery is going to be yellow, but we already decided on that before we knew the sex. So I guess I have to revamp my layette to have boy summer stuff. I already have a layette of girl summer stuff and of boy's winter, but I've never had a boy summer. But I think it will mostly contain recieving blankets, Eco Sprout T shirts and diapers :)

ps- mom I placed the order for the private label eco sprout T's yesterday. :)

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Anonymous said...

I can give good clothing advice for summer time newborns if you're ever interested. You a clothing pro so I don't expect you'll need any. (: We're thrilled that you have a happy healthy squiggley and look forward to seeing squiggley grow and eventually pop out one day when the weather is warm and the skies are blue. I think squiggley likes warm nice weather. Takes after his gramma Lynn. (:

Love ya. Lady Amber