Friday, February 11, 2005

Friday Night

Well, I was just trying to figure out what to do next, then I realized it was 10pm already, which means I really don't have to find anything to do before going to bed.

Time today has not been a constant. This morning I was accomplishing a lot of things in no time, then in what felt like 3 minutes, a whole hour was passed. That kind of drag and makeup has happened too often lately. Do you think inconsistant time has anything to do with global warming or other enviromental impacts?

We had a plumber out today. And he helped us find a leak at the edge of a bathtub that was leaking into the basment. I made sure to fix that one tonight. The other one is still a mystery. Our wet basement floor in the laundry room seems to have no obvious cause. So today I put all of the clean clothes away, then I dryied the w hole floor and have been watching it ever since to see when and how is gets wets. So far it has remained dry. So kids taking baths and dishwashers and sinks and teethbrushing have no effect on it. Tomarrow I will run a load of laundry and see if that has an effect on it. Then I will wait and see if the water softerner recharging has a link to it.

Anyways, I hate plumbing mysteries. OF course, it could also be ground water leaking up, but it seems unlikely in our location. However, if everything in the house is ruled out, that would probably be the only thing left. So the mystery continues. . . until we walk into the issue, and get wet feet again!

ok, so I need to read Galen a story before putting him down, good night!

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