Saturday, February 26, 2005

Well, I actually got dressed and made breakfast this morning, so Now I am ready for a nap.

You know, there are a few problems with having baby who thinks his head should be up.
The breech baby practices to be a teenager by always kicking you in the butt. But that alone is not so bad. What is bad is that his head pushes upwards and gives your stomach no room to expand when you try to eat. So it feels like all the food is just piling up in your chest.

One would think nature would have designed it better, that at a time when you have to take in food for 2 people you have less space for it then you did at 1 person. And then the more calories your baby needs, the less and less space there is. I guess this is another proof that God is a man.

And why is it that men can only see one thing at a time? You know how tought it would be not to have the whole interconnectedness in view when you make decisions? Or even decide what's for breakfast (because you have to think about what's for dinner, how it impacts the grocery budget , trains the children to good nutrition, ect). You know one can really start feeling sorry for men when you think about how strangly thier head is wired.

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