Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Good Theethers or An Ounce of Prevention

My children went to the dentist today, And I am very happy to announce that none of my kids show any signs of tooth decay. I felt so sorry for the family before us. They weren't even aware about the dental insurance mix up (back in 2001) that resulted in thier lack of coverage until they came to see the dentist today and between the 3 kids they were looking at somewhere in the $20000 range of repairs. One of the girls had 11 cavities and 4 absences and had to have some bridge work done. She was only as tall as Galen. I would guess maby 8 years old.

From what the dentists are now saying there are 2 good reasons why children need dental work 1. they don't brush or floss
2. they are allowed to drink pop, juice or other sugary, acidic liquids all day.

I am however feeling very fortunate that our efforts to get the kiddos to brush thier teeth every night and get them in for regular dental cleanings have saved us a lot of hassel and expense.

And am also very thankful for the wonderful insurance we have been given to cover all of the prevenative dental care, medical care and yearly eye exams. . Speaking of eye exams, The exams will be covered, but I am concerned about the new glasses that I'm going to have to get Galen (and Mike). I wish there was some prevenative work we could do there.

As for me. I still am fighting that cold. But luckily most of the coughing has changed to nose blowing instead. So now I have a very sore nose, but only a minorly sore throught and very little body racking coughing going on.

I am starting to get concerned over Galen's school work. They are starting into "busy work". They might just learn the hard way what happens if they don't keep Galen's mind active.

Galen, luckily is starting to pull out of his autsitic behavior, and acting more calm and more productivly creative. Last night he wanted to turn a cardboard spool (5 ft long) into a horse to ride. He got out a paper bag and I helped him stuff it, draw a face on it and attach it to the pole. I felt very good about his idea that would produce something creative rather than be destructive.

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