Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Today is a big day

for those of us in the business of growing my baby. I have the ultrasound at 10am. so do not call me until afternoon, if I did not call you or post by then.We hope to find a very healthy and happy baby, who is right on scheduel for development and who will be moving away.

Meanwhile, I will thank my wonderful babysitter before hand, knowing that she does this out of the greatness of her heart. (and that she will do a great job, becasue she has no lack of experience) :)

Meanwhile, while waiting for dinner to cook last night, I noticed the frigde was almost completely empty (which didn't bother me because today is payday and grocery day) so I scrubbed it and made it sparkle so I could go shopping and put new food in a clean fridge. It is always nice to have something clean for a few minutes. (then last night i cleaned the living room so the babysitter could actualy walk and sit down).

have a great day! I sure hope too.

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