Monday, February 07, 2005

We had a weekend

First of all, I made over $600 in sales this weekend. (Fri-Sat) Most of it was Round Belly brand too!

Then, of course, I had my birthday, and we bought a new toliet. We are still working on installing it. I thougt if we managed that this weekend then I could have named a post "The Super Toliet Bowl." But alas, the rusted bolts got the best of me, and the old toliet is still sitting there.

And our kids were babysat so Mike and I didn't have to worry about them for hours at a time! and thier sitter said "Galen behaved with perfect manors the whole time." That is an increadble statement for my Galen, but he made up for it yesterday.

Yesterday was a day and a half. We had a few business visitors, ones who almost kinda wanted to learn about organic, but didn't want to listen to a thing I said. They also thought that I'd be willing to give them the patterns for my new cute designs (Eco Sprout signature line). Man, if I wasn't trying to be nice, I would have laughed in thier faces. And then to top it off, they wanted to buy a few things for thier grandchildren at cost, because they couldn't resell it at a full markup. (but becasue they wanted to give it to thier grandchildren, it is concidered retail, not wholesale, and even so I still need to make something off of it, or I'll just give it to my kids).

Anyways, I felt quite used and abused by the time they left. And swore that I wouldn't waste another Sunday on a few old women who only want organic because it's a buzz word, adn have no understanding of the costs involved.

Then to get them out of here, i told them that I'd add them to the wholesale mailing lists. I didn't tell them that our wholesale minium was $200, and that to do it legally we need thier tax numbers, but that will all be on the wholesale information sheets, they will get sent with the line sheets.

Then it took me a while to cool down enought to nap. After nap we had dinner and our family party of cake and icecream. Tonight we will serve the rest of the cake and icecream as a Family Home Evening treat.

Galen had a hard time understanding that there were older women here who had no interest in him. Then Galen started acting up to try to get the attentions he was not recieving. He continued with his attention getting activites for the rest of the day. I kind felt sorry for him and tried to give him extra love. (in between the screams of "why did you empty 3 glue bottles on to my couch?" and "leave your brother alone!.")

Today, however has been quieter. I went back to bed this morning to try to fight a sinus infection before it becomes a problem, then I went to the dentist, who was very suprised that my teeth had no discoloration or build up, she had to check 3 times! Mike and I are wondering if switching to the organic toothpaste had anything to do with that.

Well, I am running out of things I wish to say. So have a good day!

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Anonymous said...

Yah! $600 is great for two days, or any time for that matter. I remember when I had my first week booked after I started back to work after Ethan was born. Even though I had already been successfully busy before he was born, I was so happy to have a solidly booked week and work schedule again that I treated the three of us to a night at a hotel with a pool. I've had many many booked weeks since but that first one after starting up again will always be special to me.

Keep up the good work!

Lady Amber