Wednesday, June 01, 2005

The big, the bad and the ugly

Or in otherwords, the visit with my midwife.

The big: she says that I'll probably have another one of my "little babbies." Even though I do not messure big, adn the kid has room yet, that what she feels of him is substanial. Baby is active and has a good heart beat.

The bad: for all you who wanted to know if the baby was comming, I declined the cervix check. I fiqured it can wait until I am willing to endure the discomfort for the knowledge.

The ugly: dehydration! and I lost 6 pounds. I had to work hard to convince them that I could rehydrate without help from an IV. Dehydration is from the stomach bug (that I was blamming on baby, but I figured out that it must be a stomach bug when my kiddos started throwing up yesterday). So now that I have taken in alot of water (and of course feel better) I think I may survive. However, I can still only eat a few bites at a time as my stomach starts full cramping when ever anything enters it.

AS the lack of energy due to this bug comintues, I am falling more behind in housework every day. so if you feel like helping, come on over.

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