Wednesday, June 22, 2005


The baby has 6 days before he's induced. I have never had to be induced yet. Meanwhile Mom went home. I think she drained me of energy, but we did get alot done.

I hope Mom can enjoy a quiet night or two before she's called back. But at least she'll bring Dad too.

I am enjoying a quiet night. My kids were so tired from staying up late last night, adn from the ice cream social at school tonight that Galen zonked in about 2 minutes from being in bed. ( I threatened to turn on Yanni, if he wouldn't go peacefully to bed by himself, and did. I think it might have worked) After getting mad he wasn't calming down to sleep, I thought maby if I changed his focus it would help us. So I helped him sheet his bed. He crawled right in and zonked. Ewan is not asleep yet. He has crawled up to sleep with Galen. I think Ewan likes to sleep with others.

Meanwhile, I found a good home for our used, but still very viable queen bed. My housecleaner said she'd love it. So she'll also get several sheet sets for it. I would pass her a queen blanket too, but we don't have any. (all we have are hand made quilts from Karla, and those are not going anywhere) Come to think of it, we don't have a blanket for our king bed yet. But I am planning on getting an organic cotton one from when they restock in July. Then I may just research duvets adn organic covers for the bed this winter. in fact that sounds like something fun to do while I am waiting on Mike to get off his computer and watch a quiet movie with me before I sleep on our new bed. Mom did a great job having everything ready for my nap today. All the sheets and covers were washed and waiting for the bed. It is great to have such a loving mother.

So, I suppose you would like to hear more on what the midwife says: My baby is so low, but the top of my cervix is only open 1cm (still). They will happily break the water when they can get to it. Until then if i want to rush the baby, then I would have to have the cervix softening gel (that often brings on labor by it's self).
I wan't ready to commit to that yet, but I am allowed to call the midwife anytime of day or night and start it, (if I want). However, I have decided to wait on my body and prove that nature knows best.
So if you wish to rush the baby, please send cervix opening vibes my way- after a nice quiet night.

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