Tuesday, June 21, 2005


Ever wish you could look up your future blog on the internet and find out when something you are dying for is going to happen?

After all what makes us so excited we'd rather rush to the expecpedted items then enjoy the journey there?

Yesterday I told Ewan he could come with me to pick up Galen. Every 3 minutes (for 3 hours!) he asked if it was time to go.

IF my contractions were as regular as his questions, we would have had this baby out years ago.

Sometimes, I sit here wondering "what do I have to learn before this baby comes?, HOw am I ho lding this kid back?"

Then I wonder if maby the kid is in control, then I try to tell it how wonderful the world will be, how many great things to expereince.

Sometimes I even wonder that if I had com plete control over this experince in what wisdom would I rush a kid, or a birth? OF course, lacking in enough wisdom, maby the decision should be left up to uncounious mind, the hormones and the baby. Now it is just getting my concious mind to accept that it is not in control.

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