Sunday, June 19, 2005

Happy Daddie's Dad

Dear Daddie,
The gift I so desperately wish to give you for father's day hasn't arrived it. )Of course, I wish to give the same gift to Mike, He says it's better than a tie).

There is a 95% chance that it will arrive this week, adn while you are checking it out, you can enjoy y our other grandsons a a huge box of granola. (adn no end of organic produce).

So here is my e-card to you

Happy Father's Day
Thanks to your genetics, you've got grandsons tall adn wise
of course they're also dreameres adn do pretend to fly.

Creative and resourceful, the do alot of things...
paint varnish on the minivan, adn build spiderwebs from strings.

They also have your focus, a blessing that is mixed
One drives my craszy with questions, the other's StarWars fixed.

So for Father's day I give you the best gift of all,
Another decendant of your genious
So look forward to my call.

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