Tuesday, June 07, 2005

hot, hot, hot!

92 and 80% humidity was our weather today. and we tried to lay a floor on the uppermost story of our house in it. We turned on the AC at 3pm. called naptime for everyone while we let it cool off. Mike and I took the basment.

Meanwhile the floor has been layed for the third time today and we are still unhappy with it, adn will try again tomarrow. Anybody want to keep my kids busy? They managaed to mess up a few things and break 2 brooms today (at least thy didn't break them in the ceiling fan)

So Mike and I are probably sleeping in the basment since our bed is set up in Ian's room until we have a floor we are happy enough to put it on.

Maby the twice to price for professional instahlation is worth the money.

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