Saturday, June 11, 2005

hot and ornery

The house cleaner and babysitter had to call in sick today. That left me home with 3 bored kids and a house in desperate need of cleaning.

So after cleaning the bathrooms, doing laundry and sweeping the floors, I did what any sane person would do. I left, but the only place I could think of going was grocery shopping. So as excited as Target is on saturday, with a hot and ornery pregnant women adn a grocery list containg only 8 items.. .

Of course the kind of excitment I am craving is probably 1.5 weeks away. But I would also be happy with a 10 degree drop in temperature,( or a 30% drop in humidity or both) and a completely finished upstairs. Which we were not able to work on today becasue our babysitter had to cancel. (and to try to make any decent decsion at home depot while chasing 3 kids is not going to happen).

So if you are in a baby sitting mood . . .

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