Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Galen got his belt

Galen got his white belt today. It represents, I believe, more achievement in social aspects then in Tae Qwon Do, It means that Galen has learned how to participate in class, how to follow the instructor in a group setting, and how to immate others. This is a big acheievment in the austism issues. I wonder how much professional theropy he would have had to have to achieve the same things.

It also means he has learned to speak up, repeat words, accept corrections via words and actions, and generally grow up alittle bit. How come every time you are so proud of your child something inside of you crys about your baby not needing you anymore?

Also today: my catalog actually made it to press, my wholesale deal went through with a store (and payment is on it's way), and I, strangely, enjoyed cleaning the bathtub as much as I enjoyed taking the bath.

Tomarrow I meet with my midwife and see what the rest of the week holds.

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