Saturday, June 18, 2005


This week we worked hard to get things in clean and workable order. Part of that work has been to shave things.

We shaved our lawn, our Galen and our Dog this week. All 3 should be easier to take care of, and should be able to enjoy the summer more.

Now in about 4 hours I am in the clear and baby is allowed to come, with out interupting my plans. We have to make a food storage pickup at 10- but after that Everything else should be able to be handled with out me for a few days. So will Clayton cooperate and come when Grandma is already down here? we will see.

I have never delivered more than 10 days before my due date- and as of tomarrow morning it will be 10 days before. (Ewan was 10 days early, Ian was 7, Galen was 4) So let's make room for baby.

Have a great day!

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