Monday, June 13, 2005

Feeling good with Energy

Does that mean that I am now in the pre-labor nesting phase? or
that the temperature has dropped 10 degrees? or
That I have sent Mike and Galen off to school this morning?

Or all the above. Yeah! I have already accompished some business today. And am on my way to doing bigger and better things (like changing diapers, and starting the dishwasher, maby even cleaning out the babie's dresser).

so does anybody else have a guess on the size and date of this child?

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mom said...

Clayton said he would be nice and come on the 21st so I do not have to travel or wait to long and can still make my meeting on the 20th... perhaps he will start labor on the 20th in the afternoon and come earlier... I think he will weigh in at about 8lbs 10 oz and be 21.5 inches long and have lots of dark hair and his mother's blue eyes:)