Sunday, June 05, 2005

sore feet

sore hips, sore back. just how many hours can one fit into a warm and muggy weekend?
Well, we do not have the finaly count yet, but we have many newly and repainted walls. We have flooring, and new furinature and we have 2 boys who are not sure how to sleep on a bunkbed that cannot be assemebled for a while because 12 of the cross bars were left up north.

Meanwile I am looking forward to a bath in my deep tub (just as soon as the twerps fall asleep.) Then I'll have to find clothes suitale for church tomarrow for all the pumpkins. (the clean laundry is knee deep, but unfolded).

Ok, now that we bought the baby car seat and a few other nessicities. It is time for your offical guesses to come in.

Baby's Birth day

you may log you guesses here or email them :) Everyone who guesses will be sent baby pics


Anonymous said...

June 25
11:45 am
9 lb 10 oz
22 1/2"

Anonymous said...

July 03
13:13 (1:13pm)
8 lbs 13oz
23 1/3"