Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Real answers to the most asked questions

How are you feeling? Well how would you feel with a wiggly 20 lbs water melon sitting on your bladder, digestive system and sqishing your heart and lungs? Exhustaed, tired, ornery, hot, sore, gassy. Like I have to throw up and go potty all the time.

When are you due? Not soon enough! Does it matter? I'm going to threaten the midwife to get this kid out of me asap. (of course you always feel more desperate before you talk to them. when you are in thier office, one hardly ever breathes any real threats.)

Do you know what it is? A boy,a 4th boy. Actualy it is just another child to cuddle and hold and teach and become frustrated over becasue it wants to nurse all night, and i want to sleep. But yet, I'm willing to trade that just to breathe again.

The conversations never get beyond this becasue I had to ask them where the nearest restroom was.

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