Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Storm prediction

I have become a self contained storm prediction unit. Yesterday afternoon about 4pm. i just couldn't deal with it anymore. The weather provided us with sunny break, and I couldn't get anyone outside. So I called out that it was time to go the park. Everyone came. From about that second through the next hour (all through the park visit, in nice sunny weather) I had regular, fairly obvious contractions. Then they stopped.

And the storms came. There were about 3 hours from the contactions to the severe storm weather (included a certified tornado warning for us here). For a while I was wondering if I'd have a baby in the middle of a tornado. But of course, becasue there was no actual tornado, squiggly decided he would not touch down either.

In other news. . .
Galen has a sence of humor that would be lost on most people his age. Yesterday at Lunch Dad asked him if he felt a little hoarse, becasue his voice sounded scratchy. He reply was a whinny.

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