Wednesday, June 22, 2005

offically 39 weeks pregnant

and if Clayton isn't born today, then only Galen will have gesstated longer. I think he might have finally turned to prevent back labor. In which case, something like that is worth the wait.

So today I visit the midwife adn see what she thinks. Mom thinks it would be great if the midwife offered to break my water this evening so everyone could be here, and everything could be ready and planned. I wonder if that kind of coincidence is too much to ask for twice.

Meanwhile Mom has been here since Sunday Evening and has helped keep the kids, house and shopping in line. Today we are getting a king bed. So if anyone has need of a queen bed- including sheets just call.

In other words: I am running out of mormon movies to watch with mom, and we are running out things to shop for (however HOme Deopot is our next stop, and there is no lack of things there to get), so Clayton better come soon.

Have a good day- maby you'll get a call

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Anonymous said...

Seeing as your only one week early and three weeks away from being two weeks late, I highly doubt that any reasonable and safe practicing midwife would even remotely consider tampering with your body. I could be wrong and then I'd seriously wonder about your midwife. Though I completely understand your discomfort and impatience. I was there last year and Avery was four days "late", where as Ethan was 5 days "early".

So, my best advice is to let your body do what it needs to do, connect with Clayton because he may not be ready to come yet, and appreciate this fullness as it may be your last pregnancy (you never know).

Love and light dear pregnant one,

Lady Amber