Saturday, June 25, 2005

Now what?

I have found the key to patienly waiting anything is to keep busy. So I have been doing that today. This morning I mowed the front lawn, paid bills, finished the laundry. Started dinner and tomarrow's dinner. So now what do I do?

Actaully while writting this blog I thought of several things: make a menue for this week, sheet Ian's top bunk. Then there are things I need to do on monday like contact business peoples for shipping and ordering and catalogs and the like.

It is finally nice outside. only 81 degrees, so we turned off our AC last night and sleept with the windows open it dropped down to 65 and we had a good sleep.

Mu house cleaner came, so my house is feeling better again. I love it when bathrooms and floors are all freshly scrubbed.

Meanwhile my breasts are still getting bigger, yesterday they truely fell out of my bra. I was telling Mike that story while we were dressing for bed and he had to agree with me. I might have to order some tradtional nursing bras just so something can hold them up.

Have I jumped subjects enough today? Is there any other subject s I can jump to while I am blogging?

Also if anyone can baby sit, we'd really like to get out.

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