Thursday, December 23, 2004

If I was God in the business world

I'd write a few commandments like:

Thou shall not peve your customers


Thou shall think about your shipping methods and choose what gives your customers the best results- this of course applies to shipping chocolate at 110 degrees or flowers at -20. The chocolates won't ship above 90, but the flowers, well their policy is to drop it on the door step and run, no matter what the weather. And concidering it was -20, where I had the flowers shipped to, the flowers got there but were not worth much.

And the most important customer service tip of all "I will do anything to make you happy." If I made the mistake I would be willing to fix the problem, and keep my customers, but not this flower company. So I would advise you to think twice about ordering from

So far I have never refussed a customer request. So I guess that is why a nice magority of my sales are from repeat customers. They also like when I remember the names and preferences. And I think they like that I am a live human being and have the power to do anything to make them happy.

More companies should concider this approach to customer service. It's powerful.

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Anonymous said...

thats to bad that the flowers were ruined. you would have thought they would have seen to it they werent left like that. what were they thinking or were they?