Saturday, December 25, 2004

Christmas Eve

After dinner, I got the decorations box out, set it on the couch then asked Mike to help me hang the garlands. But by the time we got back upstairs Galen, Ewan and Ian had proudly hung all the "ornery mints" on the tree. So we decided not to hang the garland and to keep the decoration box handy, as we are sure the "ornery mints." won't be hanging for long. Actually, I am suprized at how much they haven't played with them. And the tree looks much better :)

Then everyone was allowed to each open one presenet, which they played with until bedtime. Ewan just loves the truck Grandma Ruth and Nathan sent. And Ian was all over the electronic puzzels.

Then we told the kids they had to get to bed so Santa could come before he was too tired and went to bed too. It worked. 1/2 hour later we had 3 sleeping kidlets and Santa could make a little bit of homade candy, wrapped presents and stuffed stockings.

By 10pm Santa had gone and went and Mamma was able to put on some nice quiet Christmas music and enjoy a few desperately needed minutes of peace before she too went to bed. And was so glad she wasn't cooking a full turkey dinner on the morrow.

This morning the kids woke up early 7:40 (about the same time as on school days). And Mike carefully guided them around the living room until everybody was up and he had the camera to capture thier faces Christmas Morning. I turned on the tree lights and the full orchestral Christmas music as they were comming up the stairs. Then the kids got to see thier stocking against the lighted tree, and it was beautiful.

They enjoyed thier Santa gifts, and should keep busy with them until brunch is served and cleaned up. At which time we will read/ see the Christmas Story in Luke and then let them open thier big gifts. Well, I better go start the bacon and scrambled eggs. :)

Merry Christmas, If I do n't remember to call- Call me!

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Anonymous said...

I called but mike didnt know where you were. HOpe you had a good day!! Ours was very nice.