Wednesday, December 01, 2004

It's a dog's Life

My dog has a really tough life. He lies on his pillow under the table with his food and water bowls right next to him and rolls over laziely on his pillow when I mop around him and rolls back the other way when I wipe off the table. It must be hard being a dog.

Now my breakfast dishes are done and dinner is started. My my toddler is freshly bathed and runing around the house in just his diaper- Someday I'll get away from this computer and go find him some clothes to wear.

But now, I'm going to share a few things first. Septemeber must have been a good month this year. I now know 4 women who are expecting at the mid to end of June. And my husband asked me why I was wearing my winter boots today. "I don't have to tie them." I said "I'll have the same excuse in June too."
However, I think he's hoping I'll change to sandels by then.

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