Friday, December 24, 2004

Christmas is comming, It's practicly here

And at least the tylonal worked!, and I got my shower.

but of course, I already goofed on Christmas eve dinner. I tried to make rolls, but forgot the yeast again! so being that this is the second time in a row that I forgot the yeast for my dough, I asked Mike for a marker and wrote "yeast!" in big bold letters right on the top of my bread maker. Hopefully that means that we will have nice soft, fluffy cinamon rolls for breakfast.

My rice hotdish is cooking. Sans the cream soups and any other thing that might make a group of small children more hyper than they need to be on the eve of a big holiday.

The cat, for Christmas, took Sam's bed. Layed down right in the middle of it. It was funny at first, until it became painfully clear that Sam did not know what to do. He just stood there and looked helpless. We have a timid dog. So finally Mike took pitty on him and picked up the cat so the dog could lay down. Then we let the kids play with the cat for a few minutes. The cat has to learn he can not always push other around.

Another cute thing: Galen and Ewan were saying that they wanted to open a present. A few minutes later Ian came in and proudly announced that he wanted to "open a pheasent." So I asked him if he wanted it stuffed. Maybe in England someone is eating stuffed pheasent for Christmas dinner.

Well, I'm going to have a bit more of my deep dark chocolate, chase a few kids upstairs and maybe sit down and start sewing the Iansaurus.

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Round Belly said...

The Iansaurus never got sewn, as my sewing machine was wanting a Christmas break and refussed to work. So it is going in for a good cleaning and tune up on Monday.