Saturday, December 11, 2004

I enjoy feeling lucky

and my sister inlaw's posts in the last 24 hours have done it. I'm so glad I'm not there right now. Cleaning up puke at 3am is not fun. I remember the first time Galen puked- he was about 1 year old. And he woke up crying, one step into the bedroom told my nose what was up, so I cleaned him up, and tucked him in bed with daddy while I attempted to clean his crib. 3 minutes latter the cry of "Mom" alerted me to the fact that he did it again (only this time in our bed, adn on daddy). By this time Galen was so wound up about it that it took a 1/2 hour cuddiling in front of the TV to calm him down.

Also, puking is one of the reasons there is no carpeting in the kiddos bedrooms. Hardfloors are so much eaiser to clean!

Good luck Amber, is it a stomach bug, or maby a food allergy?

On another note. Ian turned 2 tonight- actually he'll be two in about 1/2 hour. So we had cake, and had him open a present. However, with all the boys wanting to play with Ian's new toy, it didn't take long to prove that he is indeed 2 today, as the yells of "mine!" rang out repeatedly.

Happy birthday, happy boy- you have a way of charming the pants off your parents. In many respects it is very good we didn't have Ian first. We would have thought there was something wrong with the others. He must have tried 8 times to blow out his candles tonight. The first one went on the first puff- but the second one just didn't want to blow out.- Don't worry we got it on our camera!

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Lady Amber said...

I'm really sorry that i didn't get a card out to him. I've been slightly distracted, as understood and appreciated by your entry. So, happy belated birthday to you and your big boy Ian. I'll get a card out this week. Ethan loves to personalize them now.