Wednesday, December 15, 2004

an ornery response

Mike promised Ewan that we'd make cookies today. So, of course we did (only after Mike left for school) We made gingerbread men, and a bunch of other gingerbread shapes. The kids love cut out cookies.

Then I got an email that stated those under 30 are wimps because we had video games and cell phones, adn I wrote an ornery response stating that we were the first "abandoned generation." The first generation who grew up in daycares and with the life of being passed from parent to parent every weekend. Luckily, I didn't have that life myself, as my parents started thier own business and worked out of the home, and actualy stayed married. However, they were the only parents home in the neighborhood, and one of the few who stayed married.

In many ways I feel the email deffinetly cheated those under thirty as they forgot to remember that they were the ones who raised us or not raised us as the case may be. I mean, didn't you by your actions teach us that getting "stuff" was more important thatn raising your child- enough said (don't blame us for the life you gave us)

Anyways, I think I'll follow my parents example and be there for my kids, everyday when they get home from school. And take the time to read to them and bake cookies with them. And take the time to volenteer at school and at church and show them what it means to be a parent.

That way my grandkids will turn out well too :)

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