Monday, December 27, 2004

The time of year for love and graditude

Love, Dogs and cats sharing the one dog bed in the house. They were lying down together. The cat was on it's back and had it's belly exposed to the gental scratching of the Dog's paw. I had to get a camera, but as soon as they saw the camera they had to stop acting like friends. Silly animals!

Gratitude tonight for family Home Evening we talked about graditude, adn the act of letting your thanks be known. So I had the kids write/ draw a thank you card to thier grandparents for the gifts they've recieved. Thinking each kid could cover one set of grandparents. Well, Galen had his own thing to be thankful for. He is thankful for his star wars battle droid, adn ended up writting me a thank you note for it. He talked a lot about the battle droid while we were giving the lesson. Then when we were writting thank-yous he asked who gave him the battle droid, where did I get it? ect.

Than about 2 minutes later he handed me his card that said "Star Wars Mom." I knew what he ment and was touched by it. I filled in a few details in my pen so I would know what it means 20 years from know when I finally get around to putting it in his scrap book.

I was touched.

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