Thursday, December 09, 2004

I was about to offer my husband for sale too . . .

but then he redeemed himself.

Let's start this story at the begaining: It was noon and the family was eating lunch. Mike got into nearly the same position he asked me to marry him in. And asked if he could use the credit card to enroll in the online part of his new "Warcraft Game." He assured me that no actual charges would go on the card- as they would bill him later on a special prepaid game card.

I thought about it. Positive side: it would make him happy, and keep him out of my hair. Negative side: when he's playing his game, he is oblivious to our world. SO I made him a deal. "Ok, you may use the credit card for this, if you help me with the dishes every night." Mike consented, realizing that this a tactic he uses with Galen.

So then at 6:30 ( I have class at 7 on Thursdays) I tried to get his attention, but the only way to do it when he has his head phones on is to throw something at him, and I just didn't feel like doing that. So I got the kids ready for bed, brushed, pj-ed and prayered, then tried to grab his attention once more before I walked out of the house.

2 hours later, I come home. Mike feels to door slamming shut and yells out, over the kids, who are still awake. "Did you leave? I didn't know you were gone!" The house of course, looks like the kids had it to themselves adn thier play for a few too many hours. Then I had to work to get Mike to help me put the kids to bed. Which, as soon as he was away from his game, he worked hard and without complaint, the kids got put in thier beds, 2 hours late!

Before we got the kids down Mike and I had a little discussion over the lack of communication his headphones cause. He blames it on the kids, because they are so loud that with out the headphones he can't hear his game.

Then Mike redeemed himself. After we got the kids down, he actually went into the kitchen and started doing dishes, with out me asking, reminding or anything. which , of course is such a nice pleasent suprise to actually have help with the housework, that I had to try hard not to gawk. I was able to spend that time gathering the trash and wiping the table.

Sometimes, the guy you married might actually turn out to be a man after all.

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Anonymous said...

My husband calls it "lowering expectations". It seems to be a subconcious tact (he says skill) of theirs to do as little as possible when we ask and then to do maybe a little more once in a while when we're not on their backs. Then they do redeem themselves, for a limited time, and we coo and goo over their sweet darling ways, and then they go back to being their beastly selves. Even though we as women are on to this, it seems that nature takes care of this realisation and causes an influx of hormones to counteract it. Damm pheromones! As one of my favorite slimey males (zap brannigan) said "sweet sweet candy....bam!" And that says it all when our men are in redemption mode.

Lady Amber (: